Brownsville drivers, listen up! The state of Texas has strict DWI laws and you may find yourself sitting in jail if arrested for drunk driving in Cameron County. If you are convicted of driving while intoxicated, be prepared for hefty fines and penalties as well as the possibility of hard time in the penitentiary! If you’ve made the mistake of getting behind the wheel while under the influence, you absolutely need a strong DWI attorney on your side.

The penalties for even a first DWI offense are hefty in Texas. Without a DWI attorney, expect to spend at least 72 hours in Brownsville jail. In addition, you will be charged fines that could reach $2000. On top of that, Texas charges administrative fees and yearly surcharges. These surcharges could cost you $6000 over the course of the three years that they are levied against you. Not only is a first time DWI conviction expensive, you could lose your driver’s license for a full year. Plus, you must “give back to the community” through 24 hours of mandatory community service. Another requirement is enrollment in Texas DWI School.

You think that’s tough, second and third time DWI offenders have it even tougher. If this is your third DWI offense, you are looking at the potential penalty of 2 to 10 years behind bars. The third offense, which is not a misdemeanor but rather a 3rd degree felony, absolutely needs representation by a DWI attorney.

Brownsville and Texas drivers, as well as passengers, have other DWI laws to be concerned with including Texas’s open container laws. An open container offense extends penalties. For example, a first-time DWI offender found with an open container will spend up to six days behind bars instead of the lesser penalty of 72 hours in Brownsville jail. Another tough Texas DWI law makes it a felony to drive while intoxicated, even for first-time offenders, if a child age 14 or younger is in the car at the time of arrest.

Did you refuse to submit a breath, blood, or urine test? If so, contact a DWI attorney to represent you during your hearing. Brownsville and Texas drivers who refuse these tests face automatic driver’s license suspension for 90 days or more with penalties that continue to increase for subsequent refusals.

Texas DWI laws are tough, and they should be. If you are charged with a DWI in Brownsville, you have a battle ahead of you regardless of whether this is your first, second, or twentieth DWI arrest. Your future is at stake with driving privileges, huge financial penalties, and potential jail time all at stake. Do yourself a favor and enlist the help of a DWI attorney.

In a perfect world, Brownsville drivers would never get behind the wheel after drinking. If you’ve made this mistake, you need an experienced DWI lawyer representing your case. Remember that you could lose your Texas driver’s license, but that’s just the beginning. If convicted, you will have a criminal record which will affect you from here on out. As a convicted criminal, you will have a much harder time finding work and building relationships with others.

The clock is running out and time is NOT on your side! As soon as possible after the arrest, contact a DWI attorney! You might not even be guilty as charged but you’ll need an experienced lawyer to make that case.

If you are a Brownsville driver who is facing DWI charges, you need – and have a right to – legal representation. Let us help you understand the charges and build a case in your defense. Having represented many accused drunk drivers, we understand the laws of Texas and how to present a strong case. Depending on your situation, your DWI charges may be reduced, you may receive a “conditional” driver’s license, or the case may be dismissed entirely. Call your DWI attorney today to find out more about your legal options. The Brownsville consultation is free.

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